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Mithali and Jhulan: The pillars of Indian Women’s Cricket for the Longest Time | CBTF News

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Mithali and Jhulan: The pillars of Indian Women’s Cricket for the Longest Time | CBTF News

Jhulan Goswami, a player of India, surpassed Mithali Raj to become the 


Women's World Cup's all-time leading wicket-taker on the day Mithali Raj broke the mark for most matches captained.


 Despite the fact that both of their achievements were noteworthy, neither woman's story from Hamilton on Saturday was the day's top news. Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur's batting was effective. With their hundreds, the pair helped the ladies in blue defeat the 


West Indies and restart their World Cup campaign. It's possible that Mithali and Jhulan's accomplishments didn't garner as much notice as they surely would have on a different day. But neither would have objected.


 Despite all the individual triumphs, cricket is ultimately a team sport. For the longest time, Mithali and Jhulan have been the two mainstays of this well-known Indian women's squad. Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were to men's cricket


 in India what they were to women's.


 The Perfect Duo  When Mithali and Jhulan first began, about two decades ago, women's cricket in the nation was in its nadir. There wasn't much money, there weren't many opportunities, and the media barely covered it at all.


 Because they were so skilled at what they did, Mithali and Jhulan occasionally managed to obtain some space in newspapers or television news bulletins during those times. Not merely because they might not be around for long to make new recordings, but also because they are significant records, Raj and Jhulan's most recent releases need to be praised. Runs weren't the only thing that emanated from Mithali's bat. There were also records. Jhulan's bowling yielded more wickets than just that, though. There were also records.


 We must honour their most recent achievements. They are both 39, so they might not be around for very long to produce more, but they are also significant ones. They also serve as a reminder of how tough these two women have been.


 It is an accomplishment to be proud of when someone goes out to toss in a World Cup match for the 24th time. No lady had ever approached a cricket field so far to flip a coin. As per


 ind women match news, at the 2005 World Cup, Mithali led India for the first time as captain, breaking the previous record held by Australia's Belinda Clark. Jhulan's first World Cup wicket came in the very competition in 


South Africa. She won her 40th in Hamilton seventeen years later, breaking the previous record held by another Australian, Lynette Fullston.


 Notable Achievements of Mithali Raj Mithali Raj advanced through the ranks to play for India's cricket match women


 squad in both the Test and the One Day 


International. Due to her exceptional talent, she was even rumoured to be selected for the 1997 Women's Cricket


 World Cup at the age of 14. She did not, however, make the cut.


 Raj did play in her first One Day International two years later, in 1999, at Milton Keynes, against Ireland. The fact that Raj scored an unbeaten 114 runs on his debut was what was most impressive.


 Raj set a new record for the highest individual score in a women's Test on August 17 of that year. When she was 19 years old and in her third Test against 


England, she broke Karen Rolton's record for the greatest individual Test score in history (209) by scoring a whopping 214.


 A lot of people were looking forward to the 2005 World Cup because it was the event's first in 5 long years. As per


 cricket match women, the Indian team won the following three games after the first game was abandoned due to excessive rain. Despite losing to 


New Zealand, the Women in Blue managed to finish in second place overall among the eight teams.


 The following August, under Mithali Raj's leadership, India defeated England in England for the first time in a Test series. The nation was then able to win the 2006 Asia Cup under her direction. India accomplished the feat without missing a single game for the second time in a year.


 Notable Achievement of Jhulan Goswami  Jhulan Goswami was selected for the Bengal Team in India's 


domestic cricket after her early struggles. Goswami made her international cricket debut against England in a WODI match on January 6th, 2002, when she was 19 years old. Immediately after her test debut, on January 6th of the same year in Chennai, another one occurred. Her World Twenty20 debut took place on August 5, 2006, at Derby, also against England. Jhulan, a fast bowling all-arounder, stunned everyone with her speed and batting prowess in the world of women's cricket. In fact, she surpassed Cathryn Fitzpatrick to become the quickest woman bowler to consistently bowl at 120 Kph.


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