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Breaking News: Hardik Pandya Might Retire From ODIs After 2023 World Cup

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Breaking News: Hardik Pandya Might Retire From ODIs After 2023 World Cup



He will play 50-over cricket because there is a World Cup in India next year. After that, you might see him going from that as well,


" said Shastri.


 According to former Indian coach Ravi Shastri, Hardik Pandya may end his ODI career following the 


World Cup that will be held in India in 2019. According to the former Indian cricketer, players could eventually begin to favor one format over another.


 Many players feel that they are being overworked due to a busy international schedule, and the frequency of bilateral ODI series is not helping their cause either. As a result, Ben Stokes' decision to withdraw from ODIs has caused a stir in the cricketing community. The players are finding it more and more challenging to play all three formats, and it might not be long until they choose to abandon one in favor of the others.


 The former Indian cricketer also predicted that many other players, including Pandya, will start selecting the forms to which they are legally entitled.


 "Since test cricket adds so much value to the game, it will always be around. Players are already selecting the formats they want to use. Consider Hardik Pandya. He states emphatically, "I do not want to play anything else. I only want to play T20 cricket." He will participate in 50-over cricket because India will host the World Cup in 2019. You might then observe him leaving from there as well.


 Other players will start selecting formats, and they have every right to. According to Shastri, who was quoted by India Today, you will observe a similar pattern.


 You will need to reduce the volume and bilateral cricket: The dominance of franchise cricket, if it isn't already doing so, will be unquestionable in the future, according to Ravi Shastri Shastri. Since cricket players can't be stopped from competing in international and domestic leagues, the game's scope will need to be examined, mainly bilateral cricket. Cricketers will continue to leave several formats unless the global boards opt to reduce international cricket.




It will happen; franchise cricket will take over as the dominant game form worldwide. How will you play cricket internationally then? Cut back on the volume and bilateral cricket as you move in that direction. You can never stop different players from playing for other franchises”


. Shastri stated.



Hardik Pandya Profile

After increasing attention to primetime television in the shape of the Indian Premier League, the all-rounder was thrust into the big stage. Pandya is the contemporary embodiment of daring on the Indian side, with a deep voice to match the fire and confidence and showing no signs of playing it safe. After enduring the arduous grind of domestic cricket, Pandya catapulted to stardom when he was selected by an IPL franchise, allowing him to showcase his talent on the biggest stage.


 Pandya made his debut during the IPL, much like many young people in the present period do, showcasing his daring ability to hit the ball, excellent fielding, and some street-smart bowling that goes beyond the cliché "simply rolls his arm over." He stunned the world by handling pressure and performing admirably under pressure, contributing significantly to the Mumbai franchise's second title success while earning two Man of the Match awards.


 Pandya is a competent fielder despite being primarily known for his powerful batting. His all-around abilities made the T20 franchises notice him during the Syed Mushtaq Ali competition, leading to a national contract. When Pandya was selected for India's ODI squad for the home series against New Zealand in 2016, his merits were duly recognised. He had been practicing his swing bowling at this point and was consistently hitting the 140s, unsettling the batters with his nagging length. In reality, Pandya, who participated in the 2016 World T20, guarded an equation that read "2 to win off 3" against Bangladesh by bowling back of a length and short on a reasonably slow pitch and preserving India's chances of winning.


 According to 


cricket updates, Pandya has developed as a more mature cricketer after a challenging 2018, starting with his upbeat 93 in Cape Town and continuing with his 5-for and half-century in India's lone victory in the Test series against England. With his extra bounce from a back of a length and, in particular his ability to swing the ball away from the right-hander, Pandya's bowling, notably in Tests, has progressed a lot. He occasionally doesn't bowl the greatest balls, but he seems to have an incredible talent for getting rid of set batters—possibly even established ones. Despite being very aggressive, his batting still needs a lot of improvement because he continues to play in a one-dimensional, all-out attack mentality, which has frequently backfired in more bowler-friendly conditions.


 The versatile all-rounder was a key factor in Mumbai winning its fourth Indian T20 League championship in 2019 after displaying unstoppable form. Pandya had a respectable outing and solidified his spot in India's 15-man World Cup squad with his consistent all-around performance. Follow us for the latest cricket news!


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