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Who are the top all-rounders in the world, and why?

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Who are the top all-rounders in the world, and why?

  • Who Are the Top All-rounders of Modern-Day Cricket and Why?
  • International cricket has been recorded with the most successful players who made themself the best all-rounders of all time. The ICC is a global governing body of international cricket, representing 108 members. ICC stands for International cricket council. 



  • Numerous T20, ODI, and test franchises made cricket famous among audiences. Moreover, the T20 format represents 20 over the match, which is very short and exciting and was introduced by the England and wales cricket boards in 2003 for the inter-country council. 


  • A one-day international cricket (ODI) is a variation of a limited-over international cricket which is played by two teams. Each team faces 50 overs with a lasting of 9 hours game. Every team plays for a trophy, where 3 or 5 matches are played between two teams, and the most winning team consider the ODI winner. 


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  • recent cricket news, there are several records made by crickets, but here are some best all-rounders' records made by successful world cricketers.


  • Best All-Rounders Name in the History of Cricket
  • Ravindra Jadeja 
  • Ravindra Jadeja is an Indian all-rounder who is currently on the top list of best cricket all-rounders. He is one of the best and most successful cricketers. Jadeja worked tremendously on his skills and techniques, giving him numerous records and rewards. Moreover, Jadeja has a left-sided all-rounder who has orthodox bowling techniques till now played more than 60 tests, 171 ODI, and T20 64 matches. He has a rating of 376 points. 


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  • top cricket news, he is just a 34-year-old player who has made his name in the 



  • . He has scored 2523 runs in test format, were 2447 runs in ODI. he started his career in ODI cricket career on 08th February 2009.


  • Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Ashwin is an experienced all-rounder who is most famous for his bowling. He made his fan proud with his legendary spin bowling techniques. He had one of the best records of having a century and five wickets in the exact match of test Cricket. Ashwin has scored on the list, where he has a rating of 336 points. 


  • Ashwin has taken 449 wickets in test cricket, where 65 in ODI and 50 in the Indian premier league. Moreover, Ashwin started his career in the ODI platform on 05th June 2010. He scored his most runs in Test cricket, where he managed to achieve 3043 runs till now. From the initial days, he performed well and gradually increased his bowling techniques which made him part of the 2011 world cup squads. 


  • Shakib Al Hasan 
  • Shakib is one of the most successful and famous players of the international cricket team Bangladesh. He has made his name the third in the list of best all-rounders, where he scored 329 rating points. 


  • He is an all-rounder who is widely known for his batting. He played 65 test format and 224 ODI flatform matches. Moreover, he has scored around 4367 runs in tests and 6835 runs in ODI. he started his career with the ODI platform, where his first debut was on 06th August 2006. 


  • Shakib is the only player on the team with a record for most wickets in the history of the 



  •  world cup. His total wicket till now in the ODI platform is 224. His consistency and dedication bring him to this level of success and popularity.  


  • Ben Stokes 
  • Ben stokes is known as the aggressive all-rounder of the international team England, where he has 324 rating points, which makes him fourth on the list. Moreover, he is known for his extreme passion for cricket by giving his best in every match. His constant amusing performances made him a successful player around the world. 


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  • cricket sports update, ben scored 5602 runs in the test format and 2924 in ODI platform matches. He started his career in cricket with his debut on 25th August 2011.


  • Wrapping Up
  • So, this is the complete list of the best all-rounders in the world. With their ratings and scores, it makes clear why they are on the list. Cricket is a platform where players make and break the record of history. However, these players have made many other records that made them unique. For more details, visit the 



  •  Speed News website. 


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