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Who are the most complete players of cricket?

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Who are the most complete players of cricket?

Players Who Made Records of a Most Complete Player In Today’s Time

Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally, and many countries play with each other in different playing style formats. As per the top cricket news, there are no limitations on gender, and both males and females can play it.



players recorded


 the most successful journey in the history of cricket. Moreover, during 20 or 50 overs of a match, there is no difference between winning and losing. Going into deep parameters, each player shows different potential and contributes their best in the game. Moreover, all over the world, players made an effort to build the record of the complete player. 




List of Performers Who Comes Under Most Complete Players List

Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli

is one of the most successful and professional players who is famous across the world. He is a right-opening batter who made India proud with his numerous records. He made good records in the Indian premier league, where he played with team Royal Challenger Banglore. 




He has been a part of RCB from 2008 to till now, where he contributed generously to the team and made it possible to enter the finals in the 2016 season. He scored 6624 runs in the ipl, which he named 'run machine.'


David Warner

David Warner is one of Australia's international cricket team's most successful former captains and batsmen. He is a left-handed opening batter who has made Australia proud with his record and successful batting average. He is very famous and thriving across the globe and also performed well in the Indian premier league. Currently, he is a part of Delhi Capital. 


Warner started his career in T20 debut on 11 January 2009, against South Africa. He has several records made to his name, including the team of the years 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.


AB de Villiers 

Ab De Villiers is a former batsman of the international cricket team South Africa, who is considered one of the most famous and professional players. He plays the role of batter and wicketkeeper, where he discord 9577 runs in the ODI platform, 8122 in test cricket, and 5162 in the Indian premier league. Moreover, by the information on cricket news, he started his career in cricket with his debut on 17 December 2004 against England.


AB de Villiers was the captain of South Africa in all formats and made multiple records of the fastest 50, 100, and 150 in the ODI platform. He also held the title



ODI player of the year three times. 





Ms. Dhoni is one of the most famous and internationally recognized professional players. He is also known as India's best captain. His role in the game is of wicket keeper and batsman, and he is also an excellent right-handed bowler. He made India proud with numerous records and achievements. 


According to cricket sports update

, dhoni has made numerous records while he played domestic and international cricket. He was also awarded multiple national awards, including Padma Shri, Padma Bhusan, and many others, MTV youth icon of the year, and LG's people choice.




Dhoni started his cricket career on the ODI platform on 23 December 2004. He has scored 10773 runs in the history of his ODI career and 4876 in test cricket. Moreover, He started his Ipl career on 19 April 2008. He has reached 4978 runs in the Indian premier league, where he still plays for team Chennai Super Kings. Ipl is a domestic franchise where multiple teams play for the trophy. 


Ben Stokes 

Ben stokes is a former opening batsman of the international England team, and he is also known as an aggressive all-rounder who is rated with 324 points. Moreover, as per

top cricket news, he scored 5602 runs in the test format of cricket, and his ODI runs are 2924. Ben played for the Indian premier league with the team Rajasthan Royal, and till now, he scored 920 runs in his Ipl career. 




Wrapping Up

So, this is the complete discussion about the complete players in cricket, including Virat Kohli, David Warner, Ms. Dhoni, Ab de Villiers, and Ben Stokes. Through this, you learn what makes them become top-listed players in the complete player. For more information, you can visit the website






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