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Top 5 Test Matches of the Cricket World

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Top 5 Test Matches of the Cricket World

Cricket has always been one of the most popular sports, leading it to play in three formats, - test matches, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty 20 (T20). Undoubtedly, the matches played in all cricket forms intrigue cricket fans. 


Since 1877, the cricket world has witnessed thousands of test matches, with the numbers exceeding 2100 till 2014. Indeed, there are some greatest test matches of all time. 


We have listed some thrilling performances of the cricket magnates outreaching their rivals to win the game. We will have to wait for such memorable 


upcoming cricket matches. Let’s have a look at some of the greatest matches.



1. Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka

In 2014, Pakistan stayed ahead in the match, beating Sri Lanka by 5 wickets. Pakistan scored 341 and 302, while Sri Lanka stood at 428 and 214. Seeing the monotonous performances on the pitch in four days' dull test cricket, no one could imagine the sudden thrilling tweak on day 5th. 


Pakistan cricket squad scored 302 runs in 57.3 overs to give an unbelievable defeat to Sri Lanka. Pakistan won the match with a run rate of 5.25 per over in the fourth innings. 


Azhar Ali from the Pakistan team marked historic innings of 103 runs with support from Misbah-ul-Haq (skipper), who gave 68 runs in 72 balls. When Pakistan needed 195 runs in 35 overs, they formulated a winning strategy to send Sarfraz Ahmed in No. 5. He scored 48 runs in 46 balls with his natural game, bringing glory to the team.



2. Sri Lanka vs England

This memorable test match was also played in 2014, where Sri Lanka lifted the cup giving a tough battle by scoring 257 & 457 against 365 & 249 by England. 


Ali and Anderson retained the dignity of Sri Lanka in the second last ball after 122 deliveries for the 10th wicket, giving a memorable Test series victory. Surprisingly, a Sri Lankan player, Anderson, faced 55 balls over 81 minutes with zero runs. 


However, Moen Ali scored a century in the second innings and tried their best to save the match. With many dramatical turns in the game, Sri Lanka won the match when only one ball was left to throw. Indeed, this match was worth remembering for cricket enthusiasts and future cricketers.



3. India vs. South Africa

Chasing 458 runs in 136 overs, South Africa was a step close to owning the world record in Test cricket history in 2013. At the beginning of the fifth day of the series, Sri Lanka needed 320 with eight wickets saved. While they lost 2 wickets at the start of the match, the incredible pair of Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers came up to hit 205 runs. After their wicket went down, South Africa required 16 runs in 19 balls from Vernon Philander and Dale Steyn. Shockingly, they swung the bat for 19 deliveries to secure the match to get a draw before Steyn’s smash on the final delivery. Resultantly, it decreased the run margin for the team.



4. England vs Australia

Hosted in 2005, this was the most terrific match in cricket history where England defeated Australia by 2 runs. The incredible performances of the batters and the bowlers characterized the excellence of Test cricket. This epic clash between the two is the epitome of brilliance you would ever witness again in Test matches. It was the most astonishing neck-to-neck run chase in England vs Australia matches. 


We are unsure if there will be any upcoming cricket matches to make history. To reach the target of 282 runs, Australia needed 175 for 8 when Brett Lee (the fastest bowler of all time) accompanied Shane Warne. Before Warne’s wicket was down by Flintoff, both scored 45 runs. To bring the trophy home, they needed 62 more runs with 1 wicket safe. 


The last potent wicket pair (Brett Lee and Michael Kasprowicz) from Australia batted out for 59 runs, but the unexpected catch stunned the stadium. 


5. India vs. Australia

This is another best Test match played in Kolkata in 2001, where India beat Australia by 171 runs. Scoring 171 & 657 against 445 & 212, India made an interesting win. Australia played its best Test match series against India, while the second test was one of the greatest test matches of all time. 


In the 2001 match series, Australia got a chance to bat first when they hit 445 runs, and Steve Waugh gave a brilliant 100. This pushed Australia from 256 for 8 to 445 runs in a blink of an eye. 


From the Indian squad, Harbhajan Singh took 7 for 123 in 37.5 overs. This made him the first bowler to achieve a hat-trick in 69 years in Indian Test cricket. 


Australia had set the pitch in their favor for their consecutive 17th Test cricket win when they pushed down India at 171 in the first innings. Before Laxman came on the ground to bat, India replied to Australia with a 115 for 3. 


Laxman solely scored 281 runs while standing at 376 with Rahul Dravid, making it one of the greatest knocks of all time. After that, India declared the innings at 657 for 7. Pursuing the target of 384, Australia 7was knocked out for 212, with brilliant off-spinner taking six for 73. 


Summing Up

These matches are perfect examples of witnessing some precious moments of the Test cricket format. In the cricket world, the abovementioned matches left the stadium stunned while fans praised their teams for a significant win. We come up with such exciting cricket news


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