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The Run Machine Virat Kohli and His IPL Records

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The Run Machine Virat Kohli and His IPL Records

After the success of the 2007 T20 world cup, BCCI announced the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) bought the captain of the Indian under-19 cricket team "Virat Kohli", and the rest is history. He has not played for any other team and is the most successful batter in 


IPL. He became the captain of the IPL in 2012 after Daniel Vittori stepped down, and he left the captaincy in 2022 to focus on his batting. In these years, two things were constant: 


Virat Kohli and his hunger to run


. In these years, he established himself as a batter and a leader in world cricket, and he is moving forward strongly. In 2008, it may be possible that many people were not aware that he would become the pillar of the Indian cricket team and RCB. Let’s see his records and cricket news now.


 Most Run In IPL Virat Kohli hadn't started his IPL career on a high note, but he has been consistent after 2012. Since then there is no going back, and he holds the record of the highest-run sorcerer of IPL. He has played 223 IPL matches and scored 6624 runs in 215 innings with a 36.2 average and 129 strike rate. In his career, he has hit the 5 century and 44 half-centuries with the help of 578 fours and 218 sixes. Looking at the Virat Kohli form, we can say he will rule the IPL in the upcoming IPL edition.


 Most Run In a Season 2016 was a dream year for 


Virat Kohli


, and he hit 973 runs in 16 matches with the help of 4 centuries and 7 half-centuries, which is still a record. It seems like an unbeaten record for anyone. David Warner in 2016 and Josh Buttler in 2022 reached close to Virat Kohli but couldn’t break the record of the highest sun in a single edition. This year, Virat Kohli's average was 81, and the strike rate was 152, but even after these heroic performances RCB couldn’t win the IPL, and that will be his only disappointment from the IPL 2016 edition.


 Most Matches For a Single Franchise  When the IPL was announced in 2008, every team tried their luck and chose the best player according to them. RCB played a bet on the captain of the U19 


Indian cricket team “Virat Kohli.” No one knows that he will become the GOAT in world cricket, but RCB showed faith in Virat Kohli, and he also showed loyalty toward the franchise. He has played 223 IPL matches, none of them for another franchise. He is the only player to play all the seasons for a single franchise and has said many times in interviews that Bangalore is his second home.


  Most Century In a Single Edition  2016 was a dream year for Virat Kohli, apart from losing in the final, he has achieved everything. He didn't have any century before the IPL 2016, hit four centuries in IPL 2016, and was in dream form. He also scored 7 half-centuries for RCB in 2016. 4 centuries in a single edition of IPL is still a record, and Josh Buttler has come close to Virat Kohli in 2022 with 3 centuries, but he fell short with one century.


 Most Double Centuries in Partnership T20 is a game where one team bowls only 120 balls, and achieving 200 runs is the target for the batting side. And Virat has the most double centuries in a partnership and was involved in 3 double hundred partnerships, one with Chris Gayle and two with Mr. 360, AB de Villiers. In 2012, He and Chrish Gayle were involved in the first-ever double-century partnership for 204 runs. While in 2015, he and ABD involve in a second double-century partnership for 215*, and in 2016 Virat and ABD hit 229 runs as a partner.


 He also shared 22 centuries in IPL, and 10 have come batting alongside ABD, and 9 have come batting alongside Gayle. These two pairs, VK & ABD and VK & Gayle: are one of the most 




 pairs of all time in the IPL.


 First Player to Reach 6000 Run Virat Kohli is the first player to reach the 6000 run mark, and Sikhar Dhawan has followed him. Both are the only two players to reach the mark of 6000. He is also one of the few players who has achieved the goal of playing 200-plus games in the IPL. Captaincy has only one thing that has not gone great for him in IPL. He couldn’t win a single IPL trophy and has lost more games than they won. 


 When we think of 


Virat Kohli


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