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The Latest Updates from the International Cricket Council

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The Latest Updates from the International Cricket Council

The International Cricket Council is referred to as ICC. Cricket is governed internationally by the ICC. Originally known as the Imperial Cricket Conference, the ICC was established in 1909 by representatives from 


South Africa


, Australia, and England. Before adopting its present name in 1987, ICC was renamed International Cricket Conference in 1965.


 The cricketing body collaborates closely with its members to make cricket a worldwide sport. It represents the 104 participating cricketing nations. The ICC is also in charge of establishing all rules, including the ICC Code of Conduct, the DRS system, and other regulations. 


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international news cricket updates.


 The International Cricket Council, also known as the ICC, is not in charge of establishing the general rules and regulations that govern cricket. The ICC is an organization that oversees the sport and concentrates on its global development. Since Marylebone Cricket Club established the game's laws and rules in 1788, they have been governed by MCC.



Latest from ICC Cricket World – International Cricket News 

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Popular ICC Events

The ICC organizes all of the major international cricket competitions in which the majority of cricketing nations compete to win the trophy. The following list includes some of the most well-known ICC cricket tournaments for men and women.


 Men's Category 

  • ICC Cricket World Cup



  • ICC U19 Cricket World Cup


  • ICC World Test Championship


Women's Category 

  • ICC Women's World Cup


  • ICC Women's T20 World Cup


Unheard International Cricket News 

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Members of International Cricket Council – International News Cricket 

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport's global regulatory body, governs men's, women's, and youth's participation and competition, and the ICC Constitution controls it.


 It oversees the management of rules and officials for Test Matches and One-Day International (ODI) cricket, as well as the organization of international competitions for men, women, and juniors.


 Following are its two membership categories:


 Full Members are nations recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as having a cricket-related relationship, nations associated for cricket-related reasons, or a geographic area (12 Members).


 Associate Members are the cricket governing bodies of nations recognized by the ICC, nations connected for cricket-related reasons, or geographic areas that do not meet the requirements for full membership but have a well-established and organized game of cricket (94 Members).



Catch the Latest Breaking News of ICC Tournaments

The International Cricket Council, also known as ICC, has been the primary organization responsible for the global governance of cricket. Under the auspices of the ICC, several important decisions about team matches, umpire distribution, and tournament rules are made.


 During the thrilling and mind-blowing ICC championships, all cricket fans frequently experience heart palpitations. The match is unpredictable due to the close score competition and the experienced players on the field.


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