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Pundits Best IPL Prediction For 2022

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Pundits Best IPL Prediction For 2022

The TATA IPL 2022 has promised to be more exciting than ever before by shaking up the format of the fixtures. With a complex 14 game per team, group stage, the playing field looks to be leveled for all the participating teams.

Read on to understand some of the best IPL prediction tips that will give you an in-depth insight on predicting winners efficiently.

Now you may or may not take these tips as gospel truth, but we are pretty sure that your chances of predicting winners correctly will shoot through the roof as these tips are coming from cricketing pundits with years of experience in the field.

IPL prediction tips

Key Performers: Rashid Khan left Hyderabad to join Gujarat at a price tag equalling that of skipper Hardik Pandya. Given his prowess with both bat and ball, he will surely stand out in this fifteenth edition. Looking for key performers like Rashid Khan when picking a winner is what makes your bet stronger.

Past accolades: Looking back at the previous years performers makes for a good research technique when trying to predict a winner. The Deccan Chargers are a squadron brimming with talent that topped the group stages in the last edition of the IPL. With grit and determination, they have been slated to win most of their games in this edition too.

Orange & Purple caps: As mentioned before, looking at key performers makes for a good way to predict the path of a game. In spite of Punjab standing fifth in the points tally for 2020, KL Rahul took the Orange cap. Despite being consistent with wicket taking, Jasprit Bumrah lost the purple cap to Kagiso Rabada in the previous edition. Looking at top contenders for these internal awards help in gauging a team's strength.

Bottom of the Barrel: As all teams are made up of a number of top players, it is always hard to predict the team that will finish at the bottom of the table. A successful wager can be placed upon looking at the past years finishing charts while taking into account changes made to the present team.

Best IPL match prediction site

We take pride in promoting CBTFSpeedNews as the best IPL match prediction site. With a slew of cricket tips coming from a varied line of experts and a long track record of doing the work to grow from a page on social media to the giant it is today; CBTFSpeedNews.com is the place to study the game and successfully predict odds of a winner

IPL prediction 2022

IPL predictions would be incomplete without a mention for the one that takes the cup. In spite of entering 2021 as back-to-back champions, things did not go the Mumbai Indians way after having run rate issues in the previous edition of the tournament.

Having said that, the team exudes confidence and will definitely rebound in 2022 with a prediction of being the top contender to take the cup this year. With a team of pillars like Sharma, Pollard, Yadav, and Bumrah, it would be surprising if they fail to make it to the play-offs.

Let us know who you predict will win the IPL 2022 and remember CBTF Speed News for all the fastest cricket news in the world.