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Malan’s 134 Went in Vain As Australia’s Top Order Chased Down 287 Majestically

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Malan’s 134 Went in Vain As Australia’s Top Order Chased Down 287 Majestically

Key Highlights 

  • Australia won the toss and opted to bowl first. 


  • Malan nailed the highest runs for England, 134 in 128 balls, including 12 fours and 4 sixes. 


  • Cummins and Zampa took 3 wickets each. 


  • England posted 287 runs on the scoreboard. 


  • Australia won the match by 6 wickets and chased down the target of 288 runs in the first ODI. 


On the pitch of Adelaide, Australia won the toss and chose to field first against England for

Eng vs Aus ODI series. To unveil the batting for the 1st ODI, Roy and Philip came to the crease and took the batting charge on a bowling attack of Starc. 




Making a good start, Salt bought the first boundary of the innings. In the 4th over, Salt got two boundaries on a throw from Cummins and got dismissed by him. England stood at a score of 18 after 4 overs with a loss of 1 wicket. In the consecutive over, Starc dismissed Roy. 


With Malan smashing beautiful boundaries, England crossed the half-century and jumped to a score of 57-3 after 12 overs. Scoring 17 runs in 22 balls, Billings got out to Stoinis. The right handed batter, Buttler took the batting charge and cracked a four in the 14th over. 


Malan and Buttler kept his glorious shots and the side reached a score of 85-4 after 16 overs. The duo managed to cross the century with a score of 101-4 after 20 overs. Fueling 29 runs in 34 balls, Buttler lost his wicket to Zampa. The right handed batter, Liam Dawson came to the crease. In the 25th over, Malan smacked the first six of the innings for England and got to a score of 126-5 after 25 overs. 


Malan was fierce and crunched a four and six in the continuous ball in 27th over and got up to 151-5 after 29 overs. With Malan standing tough, England crossed the double century with a score of 202-7 after 38 overs., from the

latest cricket updates.



 After 40 overs, Malan crossed his 100 run-stand and managed to flare up the score of the team to 215-7 after 40 overs. 


Malan was furious with his bat and took the ball off and up for a four and six in 44th over from Zampa and took the score up to 247-7 after the end of the over. Scoring a huge run mark of 134 in 128 balls, Malan lost his crucial wicket to Zampa. 


With Willey and Olly Stone on the pitch, England posted a run score of 287-9 after 50 overs. 


For the run chase of 288 runs, Warner and Head came to the crease on the bowling attack of Willey. Setting the pace of the match, Head got the first boundary for the side and got another boundary in the 3rd over and got a score of 15 after 3 overs. 


In the 4th over, Head clubbed a six for the team on a throw from Oily Stone. Warner and Stone managed to cross the century after 8 overs with a score of 51. Head smashed two consistent boundaries in the 10th over and jumped to a score of 65 after 10 overs. In the next over, Warner joined the fun and smacked three boundaries back-to-back. In the 14th over, Warner reached his another 50 in the ODI. 


The run association of Warner and Head led Australia to cross the century and reached a score of 103 after 15 overs with no loss of wicket. Scoring a huge run score of 69 in 57 balls, Head lost his wicket to Jordan. The right handed batter, Steven Smith took the batting charge. Smith bought his first four on a throw from Dawson and the score of Australia moved up to 162-1 after 23 overs. 


Smith crunched three boundaries in the 26th over and reached a score of 188-1 after 26 overs. Managing the team to cross double-century, Warner got out to Willey, restricted at a score of 86 in 84 balls. 


Smith and Carey on the pitch, Australia reached a score of 222 after 34 overs with a loss of 3 wickets. Adding 21 runs in 28 balls, Carey lost his wicket to Dawson. Meanwhile, Smith got his 50 run-stand in 47 balls. 


The right handed batter, Cameron Green took the batting charge. With Green on the pitch and Smith standing tough to thrash the opponent pacers, they got up to a score of 249-4 after 40 overs. 


Green and Smith got two fours, one each in the 43rd over and the side jumped to a score of 269-4 after 43 overs. 


After 46 overs, the lethal combination of Smith and Green reached a score of 281-4. Chasing down the target, Australia emerged victorious by 6 wickets in the opening match of the ODI series. 


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