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Cricket News Platform That Gives All Latest News On Time Every Time

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Cricket News Platform That Gives All Latest News On Time Every Time

Every cricket fan keeps themselves up to date with the latest news and match updates. To make that happen, it is important that they have access to the best cricket news platform where they can get all the information at one place saving them time. A cricket news website that not only gives cricket updates but more information to up the knowledge of the fans makes it even better.

Following the news should give you an update about upcoming matches, cricket news for today’s match and live score. This can help you with game prediction or even fantasy league games.

CBTF SpeedNews offers live news, latest cricket news, cricket tips, team updates, stadium stats and quiz to keep the fans aware of everything cricket. This also helps with predicting the game and making a wager.

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Live News:

Live news is not just limited to live score, but also gives you updates about what is happening during the match. If you are unable to watch the match live, then following the live news keeps you up to date. If you are putting down a wager then following this is even more useful.

Latest Cricket News:

Cricket news is not only limited to matches, it also updates one about what is happening with players, who are the expected players to be part of upcoming matches and post match scrutinizing.

Cricket Tips:

Cricket tips includes tips for upcoming matches as well as fantasy cricket. This is one segment which is heavy on traffic from people who like to wager. These tips give an idea about who is likely to win and are shared by experts in the field.

Team Updates:

This is one segment which has lots to offer when a match or series is coming up. Teams go through a lot of changes in case of player injuries, new player introductions and strategic changes. If you are favoring certain players, this segment also keeps you posted about them.

Stadium Stats:

Understanding the pitch conditions and stadium statistics is another factor that plays a huge role in predictions. Many teams plan their playing strategy based on pitch conditions and weather forecast. This segment also gives stats on highest and lowest score in the past games and also team wise performances in the selected location.


After all, the game is for fun and entertainment, so the website should also have some entertaining factor. The quiz is interesting and exciting, while also testing and upping your knowledge about the game.


Unlike earlier, the cricket news today is as fast moving as the game and readers are waiting for the next feed to come up. The cricket news platform which can match this is the best of the lot. CBTF SpeedNews is known for delivering just that.