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All Latest Cricket News On Your Fingertips

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All Latest Cricket News On Your Fingertips

Tired of checking multiple sites to get the latest cricket news. Do not worry we bring you all cricket news under one roof, may it be ODI, T20 or Test match. Moreover it's not just news but much more.

For many of us, cricket is not just a sport, but our world revolves around it. With so many games being played in so many different formats and in a number of countries it is becoming difficult to keep track of every news update and match schedules. Keeping yourself updated about everything cricket is now simple. All you need to do is to click on CBTF cricket website or CBTF app download to solve your cricket problems.

How you ask? So here is a list

Live cricket score - Get updates on real time scores for ongoing matches. Not only the bigger games but each and every cricket country tournament.

Latest cricket news - News about cricket from across the globe is available for you to read. May it be game related, team or player related, it's all here. Be the first ones to hear about up and coming players, changing room gossip or team dynamics and relationships. Afterall cricket is an ever changing fast moving world.

Match schedule - Don’t wait for friends to update you about an upcoming match, all upcoming match schedules are listed to help to plan your day. There is a wide list at that.

Stadium statistics - All statistics related to stadiums across the world are listed on CBTF. Details like history, seating capacity, pitch type and surface are there. Not only that, but the toss factor and average outcome across various formats are within easy reach. This feature takes your understanding of the game to a level above. Highly useful for cricket match prediction and can help increase the chances of winning that wager. Also a noticeable feature under the stadium statistics is head to head, where you can find the past win or loss data highlighted along with the format played between two teams. Marvelous isn't it!

Cricket tips - Furthermore there are tips to help you make a better choice along with predictions given by experts. Live prediction updates are available to make informed choices. Interpretation of the information is accessible, may it be for beginners or high rollers. After All there is no shortage of data on cricket and we are here to make it effortless. So who is ready to try their hands and conquer the cricket world?

Fantasy cricket - Not only do you have news and information about cricket, but also fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is the new trend. With unlimited team combinations possible, all you need is the precise knowledge to make it big. Guess what all this information is already at disposal right here. Loving it but wait there's more.

Cricket quiz - Why only information, it has to be relaxing as well, after all cricket is a game so we also have curated quizzes for cricket lovers to test their knowledge along with having fun.

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