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8 International Cricket Records That Are Impossible to Break

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8 International Cricket Records That Are Impossible to Break

Cricket is a game where new records form and break every day. Shahid Afridi hit the fastest century of an ODI in 1996 and faced only 37 balls to reach this mark, and everyone thought it can’t be broken. In 2014, Corey Anderson broke the record and hit a century in just 36 balls, but it was not safe as well. One year later, AB de Villiers played a heroic knock and hit the century in 31 balls. Cricket is a game where a record is meant to be broken, and Chris Gale has also admitted that Virat Kohli can break his highest run in an innings in the 


T20 record. But I’m here to tell you about eight international records that are impossible to break by analyzing 


sports news cricket.



  • Highest Batting Average 

If you are a cricket fan, your mind has said the name of the cricketing legend Sir Don Bradman. He is a once-in-lifetime cricketer from Australia and finished his career with an average of 99.94. If you saw the sports news cricket, he could have achieved an average of 100. He needed only four in his last inning but bowled for a duck and retired from cricket with an average of 99.94, he has played 52 test matches for Australia. It is almost impossible for anyone to reach this average with this number of matches and for context let me tell you the second-highest average of any player. Graeme Pollock is in 2nd position with an average of 60.97, and he has played 23 test matches for 


South Africa. It will be impossible to break it even for the 


best test player of this era





  • Best Bowling Figure In ODI

ODI is a one-day cricket where both teams will bowl 50 overs, and one player can bowl a maximum of 10 overs. Now wonder how many wickets a bowler can take in 10 overs. Chaminda Vaas is a Srilankan player who took 8 wickets for 19 runs in an innings against Zimbabwe in 2001. It seems like a dream that an individual took 80% of the wicket. If you see the


 sports news cricket, you can see it is almost impossible to break it because of the limitations of ODI cricket.



  • Most International Wickets

Sri Lanka is the land of spinners, and a bowler from 


Sri Lanka has taken the 


most number of wickets


. Muttiah Muralitharan is a legendary spinner from Sri Lanka who has taken 1347 wickets in international cricket. When we see the sports news cricket, it looks impossible that anyone can break his record. Shane Warne and Anil Kumble are in the 2nd and 3rd positions, and both are not playing.



  • Highest Score By a Nightwatchman In an Innings

Nightwatchman is a special term in test cricket, when a batter gets out close to the end of the day, they send Nightwatchman to play till the end of the day. According to the


 sports news cricket, most of the Nightwatchman is tail-enders, and no one expects them to play a long inning, but they want them to stay on the wicket as long as they can. In 2006, Jason Gillespie surprised all the cricket fans and hit a double-century return not out at the score of 201*.



  • Most Balls Delivered By an Individual In a Single Innings

In test cricket, there is no limit of ball delivered by an individual, and Sonny Ramadhin bowled 98 overs in a single inning against 


England in 1957. He is a Caribbean spinner and holds this record in his name for decades, and is impossible to break.



  • Shortest Test Match Ever

Test matches last up to five days, and everyone expects tests will continue for at least three days. But in 1932, a test between 


Australia and South Africa ended in one day. South Africa bowled out for 36 and 45 and faced an inning defeat against Australia, which had put 153 runs on the board in the first Inning. It’s an unfortunate record, and any team will not want to break it. 



  • Lowest ODI Economy Rate In an Innings

White ball cricket is fast cricket and ends in one day but will you believe me if I tell you that a bowler gave only 3 runs in his 10 overs of spell and took 4 wickets? It is true. Phil Simmons is a Caribbean 




 who gave only 3 runs in his 10-over spell against Pakistan in 1992. No one can concede only 3, or less than 3 runs in this era of cricket, and it is impossible to break.



  • The Oldest Test Cricketer Ever

British all-rounder Wilfred Rhodes made this record his name by playing the first ever test cricket at the age of 52 and 165 days. If you follow the sports news cricket, you will get to know that in this era, players start at the age of 18 and retire between 30- 40 years. It is impossible to break. 


 In cricket, records are made and broken every day, and experts say records are meant to be broken. But in history, many records have been made that are almost impossible to break due to various reasons. If you want to read more about 




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