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7 Best Betting Tips for Cricket You Must Keep in Mind in 2021

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7 Best Betting Tips for Cricket You Must Keep in Mind in 2021

Right now the cricket fever is at an all time high and the credit goes to the Indian Premier League which is producing close finishes on an alarming rate much to the delight of the viewer. Now that icc t20 world cup is covering the hype of the globe, the roots of this excitement lies in the foreground of our nation. The craze for cricket is so deeply embedded that we like predicting which team runs which way with reference to the trophy. With best betting tips for cricket, and a lot of research you can be a cricket astrologer. Let's first understand how this works. The best cricket betting tips website have cricket betting tips experts who are thorough with the game with years of experiences and hundreds of matches and tournaments. These experts give you live cricket betting tips free with which you can nail the bet.

We are here with 7 Best Betting Tips for Cricket You Must Keep in Mind in 2021

1. Keeping an eye on the weather

Get an idea about the pitch behaviour from the previous one or two matches before selecting the players for your team. The basic understanding about the pitches is, if it is a bouncy wicket, it is a paradise for bowlers, and if it is a flat pitch then, it’ll help batsmen for scoring more runs. Weather sometimes becomes the deciding factor in case you don't remember world cup 2019 india's semi finals with new zealand. Before it began raining the odds in favor of India were 80% but we ended up losing.

2. The game format

Betting on odi players in a t20 match would definitely be a terrible idea. Cricket betting tips today are based on formats. The format of the game is so important when it comes to your cricket betting strategy. If you were to bet on a game you assumed was a T20 clash, only to find out later that it is a Test match, then your bet may be far less likely to win, as certain players will utilise different tactics than what you had initially anticipated.

3. Betting value

The best cricket prediction depends on betting value, you need to have a well researched system on whether it is beneficial to bet in a particular match or is it too obvious.

4. Pitch condition and toss

Now this might seem vague although it is an important factor. Considering the match of t20 between India and Pakistan, the chances of India winning would have existed if we were given feilding first.

5. Location

After the fourth point, the stadium and its location also becomes a crucial feature. Get any online cricket tips free and this remains one constant feature. Bear in mind that some teams will struggle when playing in certain stadiums, especially if they've had negative experiences in the past at the location in question. Psychology plays an important role.

6. Playing 11

Needless to say this is the most important factor of the best cricket prediction website, it is very much crucial to be aware of the form of the playing eleven by looking at their most recent performances.

7. Reading the terms and conditions of betting

Free cricket betting tips online often miss on the fact that it is important to read the terms and conditions so you don't fall prey to any wrong means. Bet well and bet smart.