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10 Best All-Rounders in Cricket History

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10 Best All-Rounders in Cricket History

An all-rounder is a player that excels at all three positions on the field: batting, bowling, and fielding. Finding the best all-rounder is like finding a diamond in a coal mine, and the phrase has hardly been used in the cricketing community.


 In cricket history, there are individuals who not only batted brilliantly by hitting hardest to the boundary, but also bowled the ball with such techniques that took a lot of wickets.


 So, who do you think is the greatest all-rounder of all time in 


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Let’s start the countdown:



Top 10 All-Rounders – Best in Cricket History

1. Sir Garry Sobers

Garry Sobers is usually regarded as the finest all-around player in the history of cricket, with Don Bradman being considered the greatest batsman of all time. He ranked highly whatever of the criteria, whether it is statistics, performance, or the kind of influence he had on, one of the most successful test cricket teams (West Indies in the 1960s and 1970s).


 Garry Sobers played roughly 93 test matches, took 235 wickets, and amassed massive 8032 runs at an average of 57.78, which at the time was second only to Bradman.



2. Imran Khan

Imran Khan, a supremely disciplined raw talent, may have had more "willpower" to succeed than someone with just talent. 


Cricket news is still referred to as the inventor of swing bowling and a deadly reverse swing weapon.


 The former captain of Pakistan amassed 3807 runs at a respectable average of 37.69 in 88 test matches, but it was his destructive mentality with the ball that set him apart. Imran took 362 wickets for just a 22.81 average. Imran Khan is the most successful captain in Pakistan cricket thanks to his great batting and bowling skills as well as his proven leadership ability.



3. Kapil Dev

The best bowler India has ever produced, Kapil Dev continued his incredible career at the highest level for around 15 years.


 He became the finest bowler of India with 434 wickets in 131 test matches and another 253 in 225 ODI matches. but Kapil was more than that. India won their first world cup in 1983 by defeating West Indies with Kapil Dev's legendary performances.



4. Ian Botham

Ian Botham, one of the best cricketers England has ever produced was a true match-winner in both the batting and bowling categories. He achieved the milestone of 1000 runs and 100 wickets in Test cricket.


 He scored 5200 runs at an average of 33.54, including 14 hundred, and picked up 383 wickets in 102 games. His exceptional ability to outplay the opposition with powerful hitting and quick-paced batting was the essential component that elevated him to the top echelon of all-rounders the world has ever known.



5. Richard Hadlee

Richard Hadlee, the first player to take 400 test wickets, was one of the finest bowlers of all time and one of the best all-rounders of the most competitive Test era thanks to his hard-hitting batting. By the time he departed in 1990, and had played 86 test matches, and taken 431 wickets at an incredible strike rate of 50.8. He helped New Zealand become a fairly competitive Test team. It took him just 78 Test matches to reach the 400-test wicket milestone.



6. Jacques Kallis

Kallis, who is arguably the best batter among the all-rounders, made his debut in 1995, just a few years after South Africa was finally allowed to play again, and the rest is history. He continued to take center stage in South Africa's batting for the following 20 years, amassing an astonishing 13,289 runs with a 55.37 average, including 45 hundred, second only to Sachin Tendulkar's record of being the greatest batsman of all time.


 He took 292 wickets in 166 Tests and 273 in 328 ODI matches. 


7. Ravindra Jadeja

Born on December 6, 1988, Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja also known as Ravindra Jadeja, plays cricket for India internationally. He bats left-handed in the middle order and bowls off-spin with his left arm. In first-class cricket, he plays for Saurashtra, while in the Indian Premier League, he plays for the Chennai Super Kings. He was also regarded as one of the top 10 all-rounders in cricket news history.



8. Hardik Pandya

On October 11, 1993, Hardik Himanshu Pandya was born, he plays for India's national team represents Baroda in local competition and captains Gujarat Titans in the IPL. He is a right-handed fast-medium bowler and all-rounder.



9. Wasim Akram

Not just the best fast bowler in Pakistan, but also one of the best. Wasim Akram was a left-arm fast bowler who bowled like a true jewel. He was at the height of his abilities when Pakistan won the world cup in 1992, winning the series' most valuable player award along the way. 


Wasim was a decent late-order batsman who could score runs quickly, but he wasn't particularly reliable, especially in Test cricket. His bowling prowess helped him surpass 500 ODI wickets and propelled him into the top 10 list of all-rounders.



10. Glenn Maxwell

Born on October 14, 1988, Glenn James Maxwell plays for the Australian national cricket team in the ODI and Twenty20 formats as a professional player from Australia. He has also represented Australia in Test cricket and is an all-arounder who bowls off break and bats right-handed.



Ending Up

All-rounder plays a crucial part in a team by not only doing batting, but also bowling, and fielding as well. 


However, these were the best of the best all-rounders of all time in cricket history in this 


cricket news updates. Hope you find this piece of content informative & helpful.


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